Capital -N- Ranch

Howdy and welcome to our website



Capital -N- Ranch, nestled in the Sweden countryside, is home for us and a place for you to explore

and discover what we already know about this adventurous ranch.



Below: Capital N Ranch main house

Listed below is some of activities we can offer at our ranch. All in the spirit of history:

  • Bachelor party
  • Bachelorette party
  • Team-building
  • Kick-offs
  • Cowboy Action Shooting
  • Family events
  • Open ranch
  • Old west town

Capital -N- Ranch

A break from everyday life.

For all of us, the world we live in can be stressful and tension filled.

Here at the Capital -N- Ranch we have found a solution against the sometimes harsh realities

of our everyday lives. We at the Capital -N- have long been affiliated

with living history, history acting, role-play acting, and reenactment.

From these endeavors we have discovered great comfort, relief,

enjoyment, and pleasure.


We provide you a break from reality while you take a fun filled trip back in time and place.

We offer the “old west style” team-building adventures and parties, cowboy games,

challenge, and adventure, delicious chuck wagon food prepared by our experienced

backcountry cook.

Rock River City

Our old west town


Here comes a short introduction of RRC



Rock River Rangers

A Cowboy Action Shooting club


Here comes a short introduction og RRR